Happy Birthday, Alex!!!!!

I hope it's as wonderful and special as you are, and filled with lots of birthday treats--and chocolate! *birthday hugs*


Happy Birthday, Reesa!!!!!

I wish you the best of everything, today and always. And chocolate. *g*

(ETA: your prezzie will meet you in Vermont.)


Happy Birthday, Marigot!!!!!

I hope it's wonderful and special (even if Reesa can't do what she wants to help you celebrate) and full of your favorite things.

quick note

I'm having a blast here in NoCal. It's been great seeing everyone, and an actual update will follow after I get back home. I fly out tomorrow, and while I don't want to leave, I sure do miss the hubster.

I just got online to say that Alex and I had Zachary's pizza for lunch today, and it was the yumm!!! Oh, and last night, Deb and Joey took us to Fenton's....

*runs and hides from Sean and Rainy*
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